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Lighting And Safety!

06 November 2015 - 10:02 AM

Hello, just a quick one (I'm a newbie by the way, I did introduce myself in one of the other forums, owner of two 4 month old Hermann's -Flash and Lizzie) and it may be daft so I am sorry in advance!

I worry about the tortoises flipping over, particularly under their light, so just wondering if I should leave their light on or not when out? So far I haven't actually been out for particularly long since having them (just the school run and quick nip to shop etc) so have been switiching it off before I leave and turning it back on when I am back. I still ensure they are having approx. 10 hours of light a day. Just wondering in case I am out all day, what do I do?

Again apologies because I am sure this is a silly question. I can't neglect them of their lighting but I worry they will flip whilst out and could come to some harm or worse if it is for a sustained period of time. They have flipped over once or twice and don't know how to correct themselves as yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Rachel :-)

Hello, I'm New And Looking For Reassurance Please!

28 October 2015 - 11:11 AM

Hello everyone!

Just thought I would introduce myself, feel like I know a good few of you already as have been reading through the forum topics for months before becoming a member in preparation for my two new additions.

I have two beautiful female (or so I think!) hermann's. Flash and Lizzie! They are just coming up to 4 months old, bought from a reputable breeder who works for the tortoise club and tortoise welfare.

I was actually only intending on getting one (Flash) but ended up with two. Lizzie was born with some defects, she's a bit wonky bless her! Her shell isn't domed as Flash's is. I was a little apprehensive about getting her as if the defects with her shell were to lead to health problems I would be devastated but I must say that the month I have had them so far she appears happy and healthy! In fact she is far more active than Flash so far and has a lovely little character! As well as Lizzie's shell, I have noticed that she has 5 claws on each foot and Flash has 4, is this a defect or normal? On one of Lizzie's front feet 3 of her claws are very close together, they have always been that way and appear to have just grown like this. Could this cause an issue and require veterinary treatment do you think?

They have an indoor table, combination bulb, approx. 33 degrees hot end and 23 degrees cool end, substrate of soil and playsand, log hide, wooden bedroom area, water dish, cactus'/succulents in their enclosure, fed from a slate tile. How does this sound? When I moisten the substate I give it a mix about and create little mounds and dips which they love exploring! I bath them daily, again they love! A little unsure if after their bath I am supposed to dry them!? I have tried to but they wriggle around and are so dinky it can be tricky! Feeding them a combination of plants and weeds (few lettuce leaves whilst I am waiting for my weeds to come through on the windowsil) such as dandelion, sowthistle, plantain, pansy, rose, campanula, the odd pad from their echeveria etc sprinkled with limestone flour and nutrobal, they have some cuttlefish and lump chalk plus some tortoise block scattered in the table too but have no interest in any of it!

Have the supplies in preparation for their outdoor enclosure too. Breeze blocks to be set underground, brick walls, and wooden hinged frame with chicken wire to be constructed for a lid. Thinking of getting either one of the wooden pet shelters (the sort on amazon that can be used with guinea pigs etc also) or constructing a wooden shelter with a partition down the middle and felt half the roof and the other half made from a polycarbonate offcut, again what do you think? Was going to have a paved area, soiled area, grass area, weed area and mix of plants and large stones plus a log roll bridge and some plant pots for hides, and obviously a water dish in their somewhere too.

A few slight concerns about my beauties. Without being crude, the frequency they go to the toilet! Unless I am missing it (which I doubt because I spend ages watching them!) They certainly don't pass faeces everyday, I'd say approximately two to three times a week they seem to go, although they look like healthy stools, dark and firm. And whilst I really don't feel they are dehydrated (bathed for approx 20mins a day, access to a water dish at all times too which is definitely being used because I see them get in it/its full of their substrate from being in it previously!) I don't seem them urinate that often and they certainly don't pass urates very often. Lizzie definitely does but unsure if Flash has yet! And when they do pass urates it is in miniscule quantities, when I bought them, the table they were in had some urates in from the other tortoises and seemed to have been much much larger quantity, the quantity I expect to see anyway from my research. I wonder if the absence of urates is an issue. Am I doing something wrong? Whilst they have this access to water and bathing I haven't seen them pop their head under to actually drink!

Sorry for the overload of information, I'm sure it is a little tedious for all the pros out there reading me babbling on!! There is lots more I am sure I wanted to mention but can't think at the moment!! Apart from, how do I add photos?! Completely at a loss with that one!

Anyway apart from concerns mentioned above, they do appear to be very happy little ladies and are in a very loving home! I have desperately wanted a pet tortoise since I was a little girl and now after 20 or so years, it's finally happened! My children have already promised me they will inherit them when I'm gone! They love them dearly just as I do. I just want to take care of them properly, so any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated and I really look forward to hearing back from some of you soon!