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From Loft To Fridge?

07 December 2015 - 07:38 PM


Not been here for a while but the mild weather here has prompted me into action!


Fred my OAP of a tort (Hermann around 60) :ohmy: has for all of those years been hibernated by the box in the loft method. And obviously survived !!  its December and15 C !! and he has been asleep but not for long, but is now wide awake. Not good. I have bathed him numerous times (not fed him), weighed him ( 765gms)  and put him back in his box. I have tried cooling him down using ice blocks in between his box and outer box which work to a certain extent but have to keep changing them. I have decided to get a small table top fridge as I am worried he isn't going to do well in the long run. I have never used this method but reading loads on it. My question to those of you who are experts at it is; Now he is awake after being asleep (though not properly) would it be ok to put him in a fridge?

I think in future, as our winters are not what they used to be, the fridge method will be the way to go. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks :)