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Tortoise Vet.

31 October 2015 - 08:52 AM

Hi, I know that this may be a long shot, but does anyone know of a good vet in the Sunderland Tyne & wear area?  my 7 year old tortoise seemed to have something hanging as he was walking, I rang around some local vets after hearing good reviews, and found one who said that they treat tortoises. however, after a consulatation and two treatments for a prolapsed penis, (the vet sedated him, and pushed it back inside his body, but it just came back out when he recovered from anasthetic) sorry to be graphic! She told me that she didn't know what to do, and after numerous unreturned phone calls she finally gave me the number of a vet miles from where I live with no means of getting there. at the moment I am soaking him in warm water daily, and giving him vitamin drops in his water daily as the vet instructed. but he needs to be seen by a professional.
any advice would be very much appreciated.