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Help Please - Worries About Hibernation....

11 November 2015 - 06:53 AM

Hi all,

I hope you can help and sorry for posting something that may seem so basic, but....

We are about to (or trying) hibernate our two Hermanns for 'our' first time. They are 15 and 13 and have been hibernated before (the box method) but we've only inherited them this spring so I'm a little nervous about the proceedings.

We were intending to follow the box method and have observed their natural wind down (they are kept outside in a wild flower meadow) and recently they appeared to begin a natural hibernation by both burying down and becoming inactive both day and night.

This was a little surprising as daytime temperatures are still well in excess of 10c, but due to the rain and wet soil I decided I should box them last weekend. I've used play sand and top soil hoping that they'd just bury down again and the box is kept outside under cover.

However, when moved neither of them were hibernating fully and both opened eyes, and now they're boxed I can hear them (or at least one) moving and scratching around - is this normal?

Should I leave them and expect them to settle? Get them out and put them back outside until the weather cools?

Any advice or guidance anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.

With many thanks