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Sudden Death :(

10 July 2016 - 02:02 PM

I had a 1 year old Herman tortoise who sadly I found passed away yesterday
He had been perfectly healthy until 2 weeks ago when I noticed he wasn't eating but I couldn't see any physical signs of illness (no noises, mucus, discolouring or anything). I kept giving him 2 daily baths through this time then had the vet appointnent on Friday
She went through his keeping/diet with me and said it sounded though I was doing everything right then gave him an anti biotic injection saying he possibly could have an infection.
He fell asleep once home and never woke up again. I have no idea What the actual cause was or if the anti biotic could have just had a bad reaction ? Has anyone experienced anything similar ?

New Tortoise Keeper :) - Weight/new Lights

14 January 2016 - 05:54 PM



Got my new tortoise, Lennon a few months ago in October, he was about 3 months old then. I just took him to register with a vet today who weighed him and he is 22g is this average? I havnt got little scales yet but my mum has just bought me some small ones to send to me.

I have also just purchased the 80w Arcadia uvb/heat bulb - is there a certain height above his table this should be positioned? i know it has to hang vertically, his current lightbulb and uv bulb are about 7 inches above him but the size of the clamp lamp means i may have to ajust my bracket.


Some pictures attached


Any comments appreciated thanks x