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Identification Please?

30 July 2016 - 01:10 PM

Could anyone tell me the names of these three please? I'm still learning 😇

Safe Enclosure?

08 June 2016 - 08:09 PM

I currently live in a flat so my 10 month old Hermanns is living inside in a tortoise table. I have a big balcony and was thinking about getting a large rabbit cage to put outside since the weather has been so nice recently. I've read that UVB is not absorbed through glass so it's not really ideal but at least it gets him outside during the day for some natural light and heat. My balcony has glass panels, and since it gets direct sun for most of the day, I'm concerned that (when it's REALLY hot) that the heat from the sun might melt the cage through the glass? Can anyone advise me on this please?


06 May 2016 - 05:18 PM

I noticed on Monday that Rocco was blowing little bubbles from his nose. He had a bath on Monday morning and I know that this can cause bubbles so I wasn't too worried. On Tuesday I got home from work to find him still hiding in his cave, there was no evidence that he had been out at all and he hadn't touched his food. I got him out to check him over and he was still blowing bubbles, along with making a slight clicking sound when he pulled his head in and when he opened his mouth. It sounded like sticky mucus in his mouth. Wednesday and Thursday passed (I called the vet on Wednesday and got him an apt for today) he didn't get up before I went to work and was in his cave when I got home, but there was evidence that he'd been out and about in the day and eating so I was happy to leave him be.

Today Rocco was awake before me and was happy and active in his table. I've taken him to the vet anyway (vet recommended by the Tortoise Trust) who has given him Baytril to try and clear up his snotty nose. The vet wasn't too concerned as he's been eating, his eyes were clear and bright and he also did a nice healthy poo whilst on the vets table! He suggested it 'could' be a cold... and colds 'can' turn into RNS which can then turn into pneumonia if left untreated. This is why he's prescribed the Baytril.

So after Rocco's week long life story (sorry!) my main question is... Would Baytril cause any damage if he's not actually sick? I've got to administer it every day for three weeks, 0.03ml on a piece of cucumber or similar. I'm worried that I could cause more harm than good if he doesn't actually need antibiotics?

I got Rocco in December 2015, he's my first and only tortoise, he's been an absolute pleasure and he's been happy and healthy during his time with us. I appreciate it's frowned upon but I got him from a reptile shop... I did take him to the same vet not long after I got him, just for an MOT for my piece of mind and also had faecal samples taken. The vet was happy with him and the samples taken were clear.

He's currently in a tortoise table whilst his outdoor enclosure is being built, he weighs 69g and is 7cm.

Nekton Msa

30 April 2016 - 10:03 AM

I've had my little Rocco since December. When I got him, I also got a tub of Nutrobal and he's always eaten his food when I've sprinkled it on. Recently Rocco has started refusing to eat his food whenever I use Nutrobal. I've read somewhere that it goes off and wonder if this was why he isn't eating it...

I've ordered some Nekton MSA which I've read is a great, maybe even a much preferred alternative for many tort keepers. My question is, do you use Nekton in the same way you use Nutrobal? I can't seem to see if it contains calcium. Should I be using any additional calcium supplement other than a cuttlefish bone along with the Nekton?

Thank you

Help Appreciated - Identification Required

10 April 2016 - 04:46 PM

Could anyone please help in identifying this weed please? And also if it safe for my little Rocco to eat? It has started growing in a tub alongside my gooseberry bush. Thank you