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Ive Got A Sleepy Tort!

01 December 2016 - 05:23 PM

Hi Everyone, 


My tortoise (tank) has dug down and buried himself in the topsoil, he has been there for two day. I bathed him on Sunday and he was awake and walking about when i left him. Where he has buried himself is under the heat lamp which is 30-32.3 degrees and 17-20 in the other part of his enclosure. Both the Lights come on at 7.30 - 7 so a good 11 Hours and a half of light.


I know he has not moved because the food that we put down is not being eaten, I've moved him up to my mums house till we move into our new house, so i think that it maybe that? or do you think his wanting to hibernate? 


I am going to check on him tomorrow morning and if his still buried ill take a picture and upload it, then ill be mean bath him.


Any advice would be lovely, 


Thanks in advance,




Can I Use A Dimming Thermostat?

13 September 2016 - 04:33 PM

Hi All,


Under the basking spot my Thermometer gun is reading 35c in the hottest spot but 32c in the coolest.


I want to get it down to 30-32c i was thinking about a Microclimate MiniStat 300. 


I also cant lift the light up any more because of obstacles in the way.


My question is, can i dim a Arcadia 100w D3 Uv basking light to make the temp go down to 30-32 or should i just buy a different bulb. Eg. 60w, 75w or 80w  


Microclimate MiniStat 300



Arcadia 100w D3 Uv basking light



Thank you in advance.   :)