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Acceptable Enclosure? Need Some Tips

01 July 2016 - 04:49 PM

Hi everyone. I already have a tortoise enclosure but I've had nothing but problems with it. I was thinking about moving it outside and using it next summer when Beans is old enough to spend a good chunk of the summer outside (he'll be a year old in October. I live in Southwestern Canada which means he can't be outside the majority of the time).


I was thinking something like the picture below, completely made of wood. The angled part would be a door made of chicken wire to allow air in and access to him. I need most of this thing covered because of my cats. They will mess with him otherwise and I can't close the room and lock them out. I also want the flat part at the top to hang my lights from, as I have a strip setup.


Would this be okay? I know it isn't a great picture. I was planning on doing 2x7 since that's the biggest my room allows (that's the size of his enclosure now and it touches both walls. It spans the entire room).


I would obviously seal the inside and I'd like to stain/paint the outside to match my room. Can I use any stain/paint on the OUTSIDE as long as it's allowed to dry completely?



Beginning Of Pyramiding?

15 May 2016 - 04:41 PM

Hi everyone. I'm a little concerned about my hatchling Hermann's, Beans. I got him in January and he seems to be doing very well except I've noticed a very, very slight amount of what I think is pyramiding. 


He gets fed a mix of different greens daily and is given calcium sprinkled on every meal. The temps are good and so is humidity. I think the problem is that I've been away for a little bit and my mom hasn't been giving him a bath daily. Could that have caused it? I've got him back on track now but he doesn't seem to tolerate baths as well as he used to. He used to chill for 20-30 minutes and now after 5, he's trying to get out.


I'll attach some pictures of Beans. Don't mind the green dot. It was put on him by the breeder to mark him as mine and I'm not sure how to get it off. Also, the pics were taken in his bath tub, which he dirtied up pretty fast :P











Underside Of Shell Soft?

13 February 2016 - 10:36 PM

Hi everyone. Not sure if I should be worried or not but I thought I would post...

I have a hatchling Hermanns that's only a few months old. I just noticed that the underside of his shell is soft. It's not horrible but it's noticeable when picking him up. Here's the specs...

50 gallon rubbermaid
100w MVB
Coconut coir/cypress mulch substrate

Numbers seem okay to me? Basking spot of 92-95. Ambient of 80. Humidity hovers right around 70%. I keep the substrate nice and moist (not overly) and I bathe him once a day for 20-30 mins. I mist the entire enclosure once or twice a day.

He eats like a pig. Seems pretty active but he does sleep a lot. I looked up a few threads on here and saw that that's pretty normal for babies...

Is it calcium that's causing this? I haven't used any calcium supplements. I keep a cuttle bone in the enclosure but there's no evidence that he's ever used it. Should I get some calcium powder for him and see if it helps?? If yes, how often should I dust his meals?

Grocery Store Foods

23 January 2016 - 08:37 PM

Hi everyone. Sorry to post again but everyone was so helpful in my first thread.


I'm in Canada. I just got my hatchling on Wednesday and I picked up a salad pack of spring mix. A very big tort forum recommended this. These are the ingredients:


Baby lettuces (green and red romaine, red and green oak, tango, lolla rossa, red and green leaf), baby greens (mizuna, arugula, tatsoi, mache, red and green chard, baby spinach), endive and radicchio.


Is this okay to feed? My tort seems to love it.


As I said, I'm in Canada and it's winter. There are absolutely no weeds/flowers available. I am going to buy a seed mix but I'll have to grow inside. I don't have a green thumb at all and there's a very good chance I will kill the plants, lol.


Is the mix of greens good enough? Or should I just buy a few and make my own mix? I was searching through the site here and found a few different types of things recommended:



Red and green lettuce

Dandelion greens



Beet greens

Turnip greens


Can I mix a few of these up for my little one to eat?

Can't Get Temps/humidity Right For Hatchling... Help!

23 January 2016 - 12:25 AM

Hi everyone. I'm a Canadian girl that just got my first ever tortoise. It's a hatchling Hermann's and I adore him/her already. I know how sensitive hatchlings are and I really need to get everything settled!


I'm building a big 7 foot enclosure but until that's done, he/she is in a temporary home. This is the home:


50 gallon rubbermade with large hole cut in lid (9 inches)
100w mercury vapour bulb is suspended above the hole
substrate of coconut coir mixed with cypress mulch, 5 inches deep
Humid hide filled with moss that I keep moist
Large terracotta water dish surrounded by rocks (easy for tortoise to get in and out)
Lots of fake plant cover (he loves hiding in the fake plants)
Acurite thermometers but I got ones without probes. All I could find in Canada. I'll have to get new ones.


Temps are as follows:

Basking spot is 95 degrees

Humidity is 35-40% under the bulb

Other side temp is 67-77 and humidity ranges from 40-77%


As you can see, I need help!!! I mist the enclosure 5x a day but within an hour everything is dried out again. It's driving me nuts! I really want to add topsoil to make things more moist but there's literally none available here without additives. Gardening isn't big during Canadian winters. I can do that once spring comes but for now I'm stuck!


As for the temps... I know the basking temp is good but the ambient is giving me issues. I know 67-77 is too low. I'm afraid to add a che to the other side because that will kill the little bit of humidity I have.


How do I fix the humidity? My baby, luckily, loves baths. I've been soaking him for 15-20 mins twice a day and he happily sits in the water and hangs out. He drinks a little and usually pees. He always has fresh water and he has the moss... but I'm so worried that this little one is going to get sick!


Also, when I came home from work today I found him turned upside down. I don't know how long he had been like that. I think he must have tried to climb his hide. I immediately righted him and then gave him a good soak in case he had dried out. He ate a little bit after. Did I do the right thing?


Thanks for your help! I've posted on other forums but haven't gotten any answers and I'm really worried.