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Houdini, In The Over 60S

03 March 2016 - 06:27 PM

My tortoise belonged to my mother as a little girl but left in the capable hands of her mother. There was a pair of them, however one died in its 30s. Houdini lived in a small back yard close to the beach so mostly a garden of pebbles and shells untill her passing. Houdini was then inherited by my mum. A small enclosed multi layered patio garden was his romping ground. Then like with christmas it was my turn to take over when my mother became unable to look after him anymore. 

A 30' square enclosed grass and paved garden with lots of shrubs was his new adventure. A little hutch to retire to in the evening and south facing sun all day. To say this was his territory would be an understatement, hes not a fan of sharing.  

Recently moved, he will be suprised to awaken from his hibernation to a whole new world ( which i have yet to builld). no longer fully enclosed i will be needing to build him an enclosure. 

That is what bought me here, looking for ideas.

So here is the man himself, Houdini. Attached File  014.JPG   54.77KB   0 downloads 


Saying Hi

03 March 2016 - 05:32 PM

Hi there. 

i was looking around for some info on building an enclosure for my tortoise and i found your forum. joined a while ago but have not had a chance to say hi yet. 

so hello.

i have inherited my mothers tortoise who could no longer care for him some 8 years ago. 

hes been plodding around my garden for 8 years and is over 60 years old. He was indeed my mothers tortoise as a little girl. 

i have recently moved so he will awake from his hibernation in a new world. he was free range but i now will have to build him an enclosure as my new garden is not closed in. 

His name is Houdini.

i will post a picture on your other picture topic.