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In Topic: Humidity In An Indoor Hermann Tortoise Enlosure & Other Questions

27 February 2016 - 05:48 AM


I appreciate the advice given by the Moderator, thank you. I put my Tortoise outside in his outdoor enclosure yesterday morning and he spent last night out there and today.  So I will let him live in his outside enclosure full time as he is used to.  I also put in a mini cold frame, that was a pain of a thing to put together, took most of the day and I stayed up till 3am to get it right.  I was determined it was going to work after buying another version and having to take it back to the shop as it did not clip together properly.  I pulled out the grass from his enclosure where I have put it and put topsoil in there. I also planted some cactus in and on one side placed some hay and a smaller hide in case he wanted to use it.   So my questions are:

I put some food out for him, and as it was overcast today, cloudy, and the temperature was around 22 degrees, he didn't seem to come out as much. He seemed to eat a bit, but I didn't seem him all day, and I am worried that if it is too cold for him to bask and walk around and he doesn't come out to eat, or does eat, as he needs warmth to metabolize his food, what does that do? if he eats does it remain in his stomach and rot? or if he doesn't eat because it's not warm enough will he be okay just staying in his hide all day and not eating or moving around? I also don't like the hay it seems to have thistles in it, I pricked my finger several times, so I tried to place soft hay in that had no prickles,  but worry about the prickles I might have not removed. His breeder told me not to worry as his tortoises  eat hay and would often eat the thistle parts.   His pen is on grass as the breeder did not like me taking some of the grass out, saying they need grass to eat and walk on. From further reading I see that is also wrong. The only part that of his hutch that has topsoil is the cold frame, his hide (which is seems to prefer) is wood and hay in it.  I noticed that every time I put something new in his pen especially when I was putting in the cold frame, he would come out of his hide and check everything out, he even walked into the cold frame after I cut a door for him.  So he seems to be getting used to me more. I put out some food for him today and he seems to have eaten some.  I hope he is okay as he is in his wooden hide with hay most of the time today.

As you can probably gather I worry about him alot, as he is very precious to me.  Should I remove all the grass and fill the hutch with topsoil?Any advice or comments really appreciated. In NZ there is nobody that can help me properly.  I have a lot of respect for you people out there that are knowledgeable and helpful to newbies like me. Thank you