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Table Lighting

12 June 2016 - 11:07 AM

Hi all.
Was hoping for help on the hight of the heat lamp and uv?
It is a large exo terra glow light with 100w bulb and an Arcadia D3+ T3 12%.
Thank you

New To Forum And In A Panic

14 May 2016 - 09:46 PM

Hello and help please.
I let Bumble my 5yr old Hermann out in the garden on Thursday and was checking on him but when I went to bring him in he was gone.
He was in a fenced area of the garden but the little gate was open so he had access to the whole garden and may have gone under the main gate. But not sure if he would have fitted hard to see size of gap to tort.
I have looked in the garden, put up posters and asked the neighbours, notified vets and petlog (he's microchipped)
What else can I do, everyone I ask says they haven't seen him but they haven't offered/seemed keen on letting me look.
I've been out every day hoping he will just be wandering around on some grass.
He's only been outside a few times and I'm really worried about him :-( there are so many dangers out there.
Any ideas on what else I can do? How far could he have gone?
I'm in Gillingham, Dorset if and one hears of one being found.
Thank you