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#65974 Hello From Myself & Norman!

Posted by Rue on 23 March 2016 - 12:44 AM

I am brand new to tortoises. I have a 4 month old Hermann's. I am looking forward to seeing your photos of Norman.

#65909 Aged Tortoises - How Did 'they' Do It?

Posted by Rue on 17 March 2016 - 10:03 PM

As I read through various care sheets, anecdotes, research papers, etc., I find myself wondering about certain things.
It seems that tortoise keeping has made some relatively recent headway - for the better - and I think there was probably a very bad period of tortoise-care guidelines offered in the late 1960s- 1970s...
Regardless - there are some OLD tortoises out there.
The current oldest is Jonathon (Seychelles giant tortoise) at 183:


A very old Hermann's died recently in Britain:

Thomas - aged 130 in 2012 (died of a rat bite)...


There's Tommy (aged 116 in 2014)



So my question is:  How much of this is due to instinctively good husbandry?  Pure luck?  Good tortoise genes?  I realise the animals I posted are examples of the exceptions...but still - given what we know now, compared to what we knew then - obviously some people were providing good conditions for the animals all along.


Which makes me wonder?  Is what we are doing now all good?  Are we overthinking care?  Bubble-wrapping?  Some of what I'm reading is running the gamut from appallingly poor care (did NO one Google anything ever?) to what I call OCD care (OMG!  My enclosure is 2" too narrow and 3" too short!  Is my tortoise going to die?).