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9 Year Old Male Tortoise For Rehoming...

04 April 2017 - 05:24 PM

Hi all,

As sad as it is to do this I'm looking for a new home for my tortoise. After getting married and moving out to somewhere where I can't take him he is currently still at my moms house and as good as she is at keeping him fed and bathed etc he just isn't getting the attention he needs which isn't fair on him. Also I feel that he is growing out of his tortoise table which we don't have the space to go any bigger.

I didn't want to give him away to just anybody, I want him to go to someone experienced who is enthusiastic about tortoises, hence why I'm posting on here.

If anybody is interested in having a new addition then please let me know. I don't want any money for him, just for him to go to a good home.

Thanks all,