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17 July 2016 - 11:26 PM

I have been given 4 tortoises 3 female and one male aged 15,13,7 and 7.  They were living in a vivarium but I have now built a pen in the garden for them, they have always been fed on pellet food which I am slowly trying to change but they are not to happy about it.  What should I put in the pen outside, I have covered half of it with coraflex for shelter and also given then an adapted rabbit hutch to sleep in.  They have a large shallow tray with water in but they dont go near it,  I have started planting edible plants, also some small bushes that they like to hide under when sunny, also some chippings and paving slabs, they have tunnels and large stones to climb on and a soil mound.  One of the females layed 8 eggs 4 days after she went outside which are now in an incubator.  I have a small heat bulb in the hutch which comes on at night just for a little extra heat, do they need a basking lamp in the pen.  What else do they need and how can I get then to eat weeds and greens as they dont seem interested in them.  Do they need anything else.


My next problem is these torts have never been hibernated so should I start doing it and how do I go about it.


Any tip and advice would be great as really struggling to find information without contradiction on the internet, they are all hermans