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In Topic: *please Help* Horsefield Male/female

04 August 2016 - 08:06 AM

Could I ask what's making you think there different sexes please? There really confusing because there's a slight difference to them both but they look the same. I know that doesn't make any sense at all, that's the confusing bit lol.
There housed separate indoors and I have an outdoor enclosure too, I'd done lots of research and read they weren't supposed to be together so I separated them. I felt really sad about it and they tried to escape for 2 days (assuming to find each other) but they've both settled down now.

Could I also ask, I have a redfoot baby he's only 2 and he hates his table and his basking area, he would rather be with humans than in his table. As soon as we put him back he goes and hides between the corner and a plant. He won't eat unless he's hand fed or put to the food and he certainly doesn't drink until he's bathed. Iv had him for about 5 weeks now.
If I need to start a new topic for this question I don't mind I'll copy it. I'm just really concerned that hes getting no light/heat and that being in there is depressing him/her we've called him a him until proven otherwise lol.
He sat with my partner last night for 2 hours and the minute he put him back in his table he went to the side and was trying to escape! (This is the first time he's done that, he normally runs straight back to his corner and hides)
Thanks x

In Topic: *please Help* Horsefield Male/female

03 August 2016 - 11:45 PM

Hi Wizzasmum,
Yes the one in the first pic is the one that's doing the mounting. It's also the heaviest. Without going downstairs and looking In my diary I can give rough weights, the first one is 8 hundred & something gram and the second is 6 hundred and something gram. There both supposed to be 10 years old apparently.