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Positioning Of Outdoor Run

16 August 2016 - 11:20 AM

Hi. I am a new tortoise owner as of last week and also new to any sort of forum! I am trying to decide which area of my garden is best for creating an outdoor run. Our garden is quite large but has lots of different sections to it so the area I'm looking at used to be the kids play garden. The trampoline & other outdoor play equipment has been moved elsewhere & now I have 3 possible corners to create the tortoise garden! Corner 1 gets dappled sun from 10am but is in complete shade 1-4pm & then full sun. It's next to the shed so handy if I need to use an electric heater! Corner 2 has full sun & some shade from about 1pm on & is also next to the shed. And corner 3 has areas of sun & shade from 11am & all day but is not close to the shed! I'm going to need to create a run with a mesh top as we have cats & dogs & there are also a lot of birds. Corner 1 would be easiest to use but worried there isn't enough sun! Any advice gratefully received! Thanks!