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Tortoise Has His Own Hibernation Plan?

18 October 2016 - 03:12 PM

Hi, we have a 2 year old herman who has never hibernated before.  He/She (not sure)! has had a great summer outside all the time in his enclosure.  He hates coming in now and will quickly be scaling the walls of his table top indoor setup despite minimal heat.


Anyway, just as we were pondering about hibernation this winter, he seems to have his own agenda and has buried himself deep in the soil in his enclosure.  This was about 5 days ago now.  I am now not sure what to do.  Do I leave him there as it's not too cold but get him up before any frosts arrive?  Or dig him up now and keep him up.  


He's quite safe from predators/floods and because he was still outside, hadn't been eating so I think he would have an empty stomach.


Not sure what to do for the best here?  Any advice would be most welcome.  Thanks