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Hello And Welcome From Hampshire

31 October 2016 - 08:30 AM

Hi Guys,


I've just joined the community, so I thought I'd come on and say hello.


Quick bit of background for you. My mum has a male tort, but then bought another tort, which she thought was a female, for company. It turned out to be another male, which continually "bullied" the other tort, causing abrasions to his shell. 


She asked me if I'd adopt her new tort, to give her existing some space and quality of life in the garden. Being honest, I'd never considered getting a tort, as I thought they were just slow, boring, characterless creatures.


We've had Shelby (please, my 7 year old named him after a BBC TV show called Peaky Blinders), and I absolutely love the little fella. We think he's 8 - 9 years old. I did the Jackson Ratio measurements on him yesterday, and he came out at 18.9 - which I'm hoping means he is a healthy chap. He lives in my office at the bottom of the garden, but we have two enclosures for him in the garden as well. One is an old veg patch that I've converted which is about 12 foot x 12 foot, and the other a smaller enclosure we move about the garden so he can much on new plants, knowing he is safe.


I've been reading up on the forum, and I think I'm going to try and hibernate him this year. It sounds as if it is much better for them, and is the natural way to go. I'll be honest, I'm petrified about doing this for the first time, as I'd really hate to lose the young man. I have read and re-read the advice, which I will follow closely over the coming weeks, and ask for advice (if thats OK?) if I become worried.


So in summation, I'm pleased to join the community, and thanks in advance for all of the brain picking I will be doing over the coming weeks, months and years.