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Our First Winter Together!

29 December 2016 - 12:11 PM

Hello all!
I'm a new proud Hermanns owner and this will be our first winter with our 3 year old friend!
She is kept on a 5x3 tortoise table, which we keep in our detatched, unheated, brick built garage. This allows us to give our new family member a bigger living area than if we had it in the house.
All temperature and lighting requirements are met in the daytime, and I have a ceramic heater for night time heating.
My issue is - now that the temperatures are starting to plummet here in the UK, my ceramic heater is now struggling to keep up the ambiant temp overnight.
I have considered making a smaller, 'mobile home' complete with substrate, that I could bring into the house every night (for consistency) during the two worst winter months - but I thought I would bring that idea to this forum first for advice!
Many thanks in advance.