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Housing Different Species

07 November 2017 - 05:38 PM

I am still quiet new to being a tortoise owner and want to make clear I am not planning on adding anything else to her table for the foreseeable future. I have however come across a lot of people who will have a chameleon, some type of crab or frog, or a house gecko who seem live happily with their tortoises. I was just wondering if this is anything anyone has tried and how well/badly it worked out for them.



Second Hermann Tortoise?

11 July 2017 - 04:11 PM

I have a 2 year Hermann tortoise who has settled down very well. I have had her for about 3 months and was thinking on getting a second as there is so much extra room in her indoor and outdoor enclosure. I wanted some advice before I made any permanent decisions. I know two females will be better suited then two males but as my one is only 2 years I'm not sure on her sex. I understand it will be twice the work but as long as they get along it shouldnt be any problem for me getting a second. Whats your expierance of introducing two younge torts and what would you advise?

A Little Advice For A Newbie

12 May 2017 - 03:53 PM

I am completly new to owning any type of tortoise, although I have had a gecko now for 4 years and have read everything I can find about the Eastern Hermman but I always like to get a bit of feedback from expieranced owners. My tortoise is two years old, and last time i weighed her she was 99 grams, up from 95 when i first bought her on the 25th of last month.


At the moment she seems to be sleeping, like a lot, I've been waking her up daily or every other day for a bath at which point she will eat but will borrow herself back to bed within the hour, when she first arrived she would spend most of the day wondering her tank and my first question would be is this change in energy a normal settling in process. The tank is a steady 31 degrees dropping to 18-20 at night.


My second question is around food, I have been growing a selection of different seeds and plants which she does enjoy but they are growing relatively slowly at the moment and I've been giving her Kale, endive, fennel and carrots to acomidate the lack of weeds, I tried ordering a few cactus's of a website that is set up for tortoise food but I didn't hear anything back. Does anyone have any advice on what would be a better filler while I'm waiting for my weeds to grow back, or somewhere that you've used and trust for ready grown plants.


My final question is to do with her bowl movements, I've had her now for about 3 weeks and have only seen her poo once, she does have a water bowl in her table and I have read that they may eat their poo, I was just concerened as shes been on store bought vegtables the last week rather then her proper diet. I know that's not really a question but any advice would be greatly appricated.


Sorry for the long message I've been looking to join this forum for a while so had a lot saved up!

P.s. I know its too early to sex my tortoise but I'm really hoping its a girl, hence why I keep referring to the tort as a she :)