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In Topic: Some Advice Would Be Appreciated

29 May 2017 - 10:42 PM

So basically don't move the enclosure outside to get natural sun and heat would be needed outside for next summer or I'd be best off not having a tort.

I must admit I'm now very confused. Why if they need to be outside in summer, with the added security of a heat source after their first year are there so many being kept indoors in large tables under artificial lights. There's a large section of the forum dedicated to indoor keeping. Many of the tortoise organisations also say it's ok, including the tortoise trust. You've also commented on how good the enclosures that are modular so are easy to move between inside and out, but also here that it's still going to be stressful for the tort.
I've also seen lots of pictures and articles of outside enclosures without any heat.

The main site attached to this forum says it's ok to let a hermanns have outside access during good weather and bring it in at night, but other places on the forum say that it is too stressful.

I thoroughly research all my pets before purchase and not buy on a whim or without thought. As I said previously I will eventually be looking at getting power into my greenhouse (probably next 2-3 years) but will be a while as I said it will be expensive due to all the concrete unless someone knows of a cheaper ( but safe) alternative.

If I need to wait until electrics are installed then that's not a problem. I know everyone has a different viewpoint which is why forums can be great to draw on others experience but I must admit there is so much conflicting advice on how to do things. I just want to do what's best for any pet I have.

In Topic: Some Advice Would Be Appreciated

29 May 2017 - 12:55 PM

Its going to be quite some time before I can get electrics outside to the greenhouse. The problem is that the house is surrounded by around 4ft of concrete on all sides and the south facing area of the garden is also patio and concrete till the back where the outside enclosure would be. This makes it an extremely expensive and major overhaul to get a cable buried to where its needed. Is a coldframe not enough to provide  a warmer area?


Would I therefore be better using the indoor enclosure and moving the entire thing outside on warm sunny days so I wouldn't be stressing out the tort by moving from one space to another?


Thanks for all the advice.


I have now found a local breeder after looking through various sites

In Topic: Some Advice Would Be Appreciated

28 May 2017 - 04:33 PM

If you think that he'd be ok out overnight then I can do that. The outside enclosure will have a mesh lid/roof fixed to it. We have dogs and cats and wouldn't want any accidents so it would be always covered unless we were outside as well. I was just concerned that it wouldn't be warm enough for a little one at night as I can't get a heater set up for a while until I can get some sort of outside electricity supply. Am I right in thinking then that I'd just need an inside enclosure once the weather starts to cool off. Long term plan is to convert the greenhouse once I can figure out how to get power to it.


That was going to be my next question if anyone knows of any reputable breeders in Norwich/Norfolk area. I know Swallow Aquatics (east Harling) have them as I get a lot of my fish supplies from there and for fish they are great. However I am always dubious buying animals from 'pet shops'


My other question was regarding calcium and vitamin supplements.  I was looking at nutrabol as a lot of people/sites seem to recommend it, but can't work out if this is a combined calcium and vitamin or if I need limestone powder as well. Already have plenty of cuttlefish available as we have giant African land snails.