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Some Advice Would Be Appreciated

28 May 2017 - 11:32 AM

I've finally convinced my husband that a tortoise would be a great addition to the menagerie. After doing a bit of research I decided a hermanns would suit us best. I just have a few questions really before we actually get one.


I'd like to get a hatchling, I know they live an extraordinarily long time but the children would be able to look after it when I'm gone.


I have an indoor guinea pig cage that I'm setting up, combined uv and basking lamp is on its way. Husband is building an outside enclosure this afternoon. We're going to use log roll as an edge, put a little hut in and create an area under some Perspex for warming up. Will be planted with some lavender, rosemary etc plus a shallow water tray and some slate for eating off. I want to control the food intake so won't be planting weeds directly into the enclosure. Have plenty of weeds growing in the rest of the garden!


The weather here is now pretty warm (Norfolk, UK) so my concerns are really there is no electricity available outside to install a heater, would it be ok to put the tort out during the day and bring it in to the indoor enclosure at night. I'm concerned that this might be stressful but am also thinking that I wouldn't want to leave it out all night without any back up heat source?


Is there anything else I should be doing?


Thanks for any advice