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In Topic: Newbie Concerned With Health

03 June 2017 - 07:12 AM

Right, got it. Husband has some work to do this weekend then! Yikes. Thanks for all your advice! I might be back!

In Topic: Newbie Concerned With Health

02 June 2017 - 09:28 PM

Thanks Sue , i think it makes sense - so you would recommend a lamp for those cooler days with the age they are now? ie,2 yr.

In Topic: Newbie Concerned With Health

02 June 2017 - 07:57 PM

Thanks Sue that's brilliant help. I will do all you suggest. I will remove the hay and replace the soil sand mix with soil only. Totally understand the growth on pellets concept. They are heavier (80g)! Although the reptile place wasn't sure exactly how old and said almost 2 years , thinks they were born august 2015. So very frustrating. Do you mean remove the covered sleep area? Hopefully by doing this they will wake up naturally with the daylight and come out. The enclosure has a wired lid cage to which we added a section of Perspex to create a cloche environment so they have both basking warm and normal no cover. I will measure the temp under there to check in sunlight its warm enough. It has been warm this week though so im guessing on a normal spring summer day it may not reach 30 if the sun isn't out. Would this matter and would i need to consider a heat lamp? Presume the night time temp is less an issue as it rarely goes below 12 c at night. Ok so daily baths and keep offering the fresh food and keep handling to a minimum. Sorry for all the questions! I hope we haven't made a mistake. I would hate to lose the little things from rubbish husbandry before us.

In Topic: Newbie Concerned With Health

02 June 2017 - 05:44 PM

Hi Wizzasmum. Thanks so much. I live in Guernsey, Channel Islands and so there are only 2 or 3 'breeders' on the island and who supply to the only two commercial outlets we have that sell tortoises. Im not sure what you mean by a cert? Should we have be given some sort of certificate? I understood there were regulations to tortoise importing and breeding but assumed the reptile centre would be up to speed with this. The housing for the 'bed area' is covered and they seem to like going in there to bury. It also has been getting nice and warm during the day and in the sun (35 deg). I wondered if they were cold as previously been indoor tank reared and now outside. May just be a shock to the system. I have used a mix of substrate mainly topsoil with a little play sand and also some hay which they seem to like. (Picture attached) I mentioned one of the breeders to the shop and he had said he would never deal with her as they had previously had issues from babies with soft shells and not healthy. So he is clearly conscious of what to look for and their health. I will ask the reptile shop about who the breeder is and maybe try and contact them. Im slightly disappointed that the breeder would feed them pellets and when i got them from the reptile shop they had a mix of pellets and fresh. I have mixed a few pellets with fresh leaves and flowers in the hope to initially keep some familiar food but concerned there's a lot of change already in their environment. Should i simply leave them alone now and see what happens. Im worried the less active one will just stay buried and not come out unless we encourage it. (Less active one is the darker shelled tort in the pic) We've tried hard to get their environment right and be as researched as we can as know they can require quite somewhat special attention. Thanks in advance. Really want to be responsible keepers and would be upset to think we are doing the wrong thing! I feel more worried about them than I did when I had my kids! Any suggestions greatly appreciated.