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Newbie Concerned With Health

02 June 2017 - 12:29 PM

Hi Im new here. I took ownership of two 18 month old torts last weekend. Both from the same reptile centre. Both looked healthy and well, no pyramiding and relatively active from what i could see. They were from a reputable breeder to the reptile centre and the centre appeared knowledgeable and gave us good advice which i have since checked out. We have created a wonderful enclosure with a closed in sleep area, lots of dig-able soil/sand/stones/rocks/logs to hid etc. It seems like a palace compared with the tank and lamp they had previously! One of the torts seems more active and awake than the other and has started eating, not fresh leaves but only wants the vegetable pellets it had at the centre and from the breeder. The other tort spends almost all the time completely buried so much so i can barely find him and not eating either. Ive given them both lukewarm baths a few times to try and encourage drinking and keeping hydrated. It's been hot this week, but any suggestions on whats up with the quiet one? Just settling in? Bit concerned he's not eating or drinking. I have two youngish children who are so keen to see them moving around. Have minimised handling as much as possible but find i have to 'wake' the buried one up, just to get him to come out into daylight. Is this wrong? Am i too keen and should i let him be for a few days more?? Reptile Shop says stop worrying and some are sociable and others not. Thank you!!