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In Topic: Microchipping And Certificates

23 July 2017 - 08:12 PM

Hi all


Desperate for some info on chipping and certs.


I recently adopted 2 Hermanns a male 5 years and a female 7 years.  They were given to me by a lovely lady who told me she had bred them herself but her circumstances had changed and could no longer keep them.  they are not chipped and i wasn't given any certificates for them.


My question is this, can i keep them as is or do i need to get them certified and chipped?


I am so confused about this as the cert site doesn't have this senario.


Any info would be very much appreciated.


thank you

In Topic: Second Hermann Tortoise?

23 July 2017 - 10:59 AM



Hi all, i'm a newbie here and to torties but learning all the time.  The issue i need help with is the certification.  I have been given 2 Hermanns a male aged 5 and a female aged 7 however, no certificates?  The lady told me that she bred them herself and certs were not mentioned, nor micro chips.


My question is, if no money changed hands do i still require a certificate for each of them and do they need to be microchipped?


I'm getting very worried that i could be doing something illegal in keeping my two lovely torties who i have grown to adore and would hate to have to part with.


Please, any advice would be very much appreciated.