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07 June 2017 - 06:00 PM


I'm new to the forum, I've read quite a lot of the posts but am still a little unsure. If anyone could advise on a few things I'd appreciate it.

I've just bought a 6'x3' wooden coldframe from woodpecker joinery, it's really well designed and constructed.
I plan to place it on to a brick base filled with topsoil/sand as substrate etc... The base will also have an extended outdoor area with weld mesh cover to allow for natural basking etc...

I will be running electricity to the cold frame in order to power lights, heater and timers etc... This is what I need help with...

The coldframe will have a tort house in one section, what is the best but most importantly safest way to heat the house during night and or cold days?

What is the best way to provide artificial sunlight, I use a combined mercury bulb by zoo med when the tort is indoors, this obviously provides both sun and heat (but understand they can not be used on a thermostat).

I understand equipment will need to be connected to or used in combination with thermostats etc... however I just don't know what to buy and really need some guidance.

Any help gratefully received,

Whitless with technology...