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Hermann Tortoise Newbie

09 August 2017 - 09:11 PM

Hello you helpful lot. I have build my own tortoise table myself with my daughter as we are looking into buying one in the near future (once the home is 100% complete). I keep getting mixed messages regarding heat mats, I was thinking of having one on the floor of the "house" up one end controlled by a stat & also a uva/uvb combined lamp up the other end with the water bowl (or swimming pool as my daughter keeps calling it). My tort home has a separate bedroom with a removable roof for hiding. I'm looking to cover the floor in soil due to seeing post about sand being bad for getting in the tort eyes and i also know that over night all heating and lights are to be switched off.

Does this sound like I've researched and taking in all information that will lead to my tort having a healthy and good life.

Looking forward to hearing feedback (both pros and cons) as I'm keen to get it finished and go and purchase our first tortoise