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Your Tortoise in Hibernation

Once your tortoise is hibernating in the fridge the door of the fridge will need to be open daily
for about 1 minute for air exchange.

You can alternatively run some piping through the seal in the fridge door.

Your tortoise will need careful monitoring during it's hibernation.

This will alert you to anything going wrong.

Thermometers should be checked at various points of the day and a physical check and weigh will be needed weekly.

Within  a couple of days your tortoise should settle down.

When making the checks do it at the time of day that is coolest to minimize the risk of disturbing your tortoise.

A couple of minutes observing and weighing your tortoise should not disturb it.

Check the cloaca area is clean and dry and there are no signs of defecation or urination.

If your tortoise urinates during hibernation you will need to get it up

because it could easily dehydrate.

Some tortoises defecate in the first week or so of hibernation,this is ok just remove the poo.

Also check that the nose is dry and clear.

Weigh your tortoise and keep a record of how it's weight is changing.

A safe guideline is that your tortoise should not lose more than 1% of it's body weight per month.

You will find that during the first couple of weeks your tortoise may lose a little weight this is due to your tortoise settling down and being a little active.

If your tortoise does lose more than 1% in the first month do not panic.

You will find that a few more weeks into hibernation your tortoise will not be losing any
weight and therefore it will average out over the total hibernation period.


Waking your Tortoise from Hibernation.

The wake up time will be at the end of your determined hibernation length or if your tortoise
is losing to much weight or urinates.

You should bring your tortoise out of hibernation in the morning which will give them the whole day to warm up and hopefully begin drinking and eating.

Make sure you have the tortoises enclosure up and running with heat and UV lamps.

Take the tortoise out of the fridge but still in the box and place it in a heated room for a little while.

The tortoise will soon begin to stir. As soon as the tortoise has woken up take it out
of the box and place it under it's basking lamp.

Heat and light are the only things that will stimulate him properly and get his system up and running again.
This is very important a tortoise will not get going and will be lifeless and unable to feed or drink.

After your tortoises has been under it's lamp for about an hour or so and is more active give your tortoise a nice long warm bath.

Your tortoise will need to flush their kidneys of  the toxins that have built up in hibernation and replenish it's water supply.

You may find your tortoise may not do this in it's first bath so give your tortoise lots of baths over the next couple of weeks.

Drinking is more important than eating in these first few days.

Once your tortoise is active you can offer food.

Some tortoises eat within a couple of hours others may take a few days.

Continue with warm baths daily.