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Hello From Myself & Norman!

23 March 2016 - 12:11 AM

Hi Folks!

I've already posted a couple of things on the forum so thought I should introduce me & my Hermann, Norman :)

I got him last August from a store that (supposedly) specialises in exotic pets, although upon following advice here, I'm doubting this! Anyway, he's chipped & I have all his papers, and he generally seems a happy little guy! He's got quite a character already :)

Unfortunately our back garden is all paved/stones with plants unsuitable for Norm so he is indoors, however, he does go out for a potter to help keep his claws trim & he can play in the grass out front. We've also created a 'garden in a box' for him to enjoy inside when it's cold out.

I'll try & upload some pics when I've figured it out... Just wanted to say hi!

Abi :)

Newbie - Hybernation Advice?

22 March 2016 - 11:56 PM

Hi Folks,

So, following the clearly poor advice I was given from the store I got Norman from, I now have some queries about hybernation.

According to the store (I'm not too sure if the guy was the breeder), Norman was laid, born & bred in a viv, with constant heat & light for 12 hours per day, & does not require hybernation. Since he gave me dodgy food/housing info, I'm now worried about my little guys hybernation & if he needs it!

He tends to sometimes bury in his flooring, or into the shredded paper in his 'bedroom' bit, and can sleep for a long time if he's feeling it, but is generally very active & seemingly hasn't hybernated before. What do I do?


First Time Owner - Food Help Please?

21 March 2016 - 11:16 PM

Hi All,

I'm still fairly new to the tort community & could do with some advice! I got my little Hermann, Norman, last August & he hatched in 2014 (captive-bred, I believe). The pet store I bought him from gave me a fair bit of info about tortoise care, which I've followed, however I'm a little concerned if following them is right.

The place I got him from kept him & his siblings in a viv, where the light was on for around 12 hours a day but heat was constant, which I've kept to as that's what Norm is used to. However, I keep him in an open table top so he gets some ventilation, and it has a little 'bedroom bit' where he has some shredded paper to snuggle in if he wants. I've set a little water dish into the Herbifloor-ing & he has his little log cave if he wants to hide. I bathe him 2-3 times a week to stop him from dehydrating too.

Now, diet. I'm so confused. The place I got him from fed him fresh veggies everyday, i.e cabbage, cucumber, tomato etc, with Nutrobal dusted over, which again I've stuck to as it was recommended by them & little Noo is used to it (& loves it). I also pop in some dried flower mix, but he doesn't touch the stuff & looks at me in disgust! He's got a cuttlefish bone in there & has a nibble when he fancies, and is all about dandelions when we can get them! I found this list which states a multitude of food stuffs are okay & which is also what I've gone by for his diet, however, I'm reading so many conflicting things about these foods that I just don't know! Obviously I want to give my little guy the best life I can & the last thing I want is for him to be poorly! I've ordered some dandelion/clover/watercress seeds so I can give him better variation, but I'm just very stuck on what to do for the best for him & could do with some advice. He seems a happy chappy & is super sociable & active (and loves a snuggle in my bathrobe), and I just want to make sure I'm doing right by him.

Thank you!