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The Benefits of Hibernation

Hermanns tortoises like most of the Mediterranean group are biologically programmed for
an annual hibernation period. It ensures that tortoises are not eating for 365 days a year
and so encourages slow natural growth. To artificially keep a tortoise awake all year would
increase the food intake to at least double the safe amount, this would lead to abnormal
growth and cause metabolic bone disease, leading to lumpy shells. It would also put immense
strain on the renal system as utrate production would be over increased, this leading to kidney or
bladder stones and eventual death.
Therefore, if you want healthy Hermanns tortoises make sure you hibernate them and hibernate
them correctly!
For most new and inexperience tortoise keepers the thought of hibernation instils a complete
panic, brought on by a fear of accidentally killing their pet tortoise. However, times have moved on and we now have the knowledge to safely guide our tortoises through a much needed 
hibernation. The plusses of hibernating far out way the minuses of not doing so.

The winding down period  

When and how to Hibernate

Common mistakes
Your tortoise during hibernation and waking from hibernation