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Jacksons Ratio

The Jacksons ratio should only be used to determine if a tortoise is the correct weight for hibernation.
The Jackson Ratio should only be used with Testudo hermanni (Hermanns Tortoise)
and for Testudo graeca (Mediterranean Spur Thighed).
It should not be used for any other species of tortoise.
When measuring your tortoise for the Jackson ratio you must measure
the straight Carapace length (SCL).
The carapace is underneath shell and you will need to measure this from front to back.
Do not measure 'over the curve' (top of shell).
The simplest way to measure the SCL is to place a sheet of paper on the floor
up against a skirting board.
Place your tortoise on the paper and gently push the tortoise front first up against the skirting board.
It sounds worse than it is.
The tortoise will pull its head and front legs in and when the shell is touching the skirting board draw a pencil mark on the paper at the backend of the tortoise.
Remove your tortoise and measure the paper up to the pencil line.